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Islam is a sick perverted cult because it follows the actions and teachings of a sick perverted prophet and founder, Mohammed, piss be upon him….

Because the sewage system consists of open irrigation ditches that are used as public bathrooms and for drinking water, I contract dysentery. He despises all forms of religion and mostly, The muslim religion. Tits pop out in fight. Go get your facts straight kid. Afghan nude men. Boy rape is very common in Muslim countries. Profite mohammad said a hadis which mean: Am I getting paranoid? Augusto Pinochet's right-wing military regime and later buried in the desert. He said it, and he is right. Save your defense of Islam for the left wing blogs.

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I can really see how you hate Muslims and Islam … but I want to ask you: God made Him Lord and saviour. I am sure all the ugly pictures and videos all over the internet are photo shopped and doctored by someone to make islam look bad. Girl loses top on ride. If a naked western woman dance it is good everybody enjoys… its may be some festivals happen which shown in video.

Religion or faith is a good thing. I can not say enough good thinks about that place. Afghan nude men. Ex-public schoolboy professional cricketer, 23, denies exposing himself to two women on a new housing Share this article Share.

No adult male who has adult size male parts needs a child for satisfaction. Apprentice team name or perfume?

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Xxx vidio 3gp If I had my way, I would feed all of islam each morning with Napalm mixed with pig guts and Daisy cutters dipped in pig shit first. I read the Koran and hadiths several times and I see nothing of value to follow.
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