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AG视讯 械字号医用面膜代工认证和妆字号的有什么区别呢

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  在化妆品市场日益竞争激烈的大环境下,国家对于化妆品行业的要求也是越来越高,杭州AG视讯 取得了行业里位数不多的械字号医用面膜代工(OEM/ODM)的认证资格。相信以后AG视讯会生产更多的优质的械字号医用产品。

  Under the environment of increasingly fierce competition in the cosmetics market, the requirements of the country for the cosmetics industry are becoming higher and higher. Hangzhou meiyan has obtained the certification qualification of OEM of medical facial mask with few Numbers in the industry. We believe that in the future we will produce more quality medical products.


  Why is the medical mask of machine size popular in the market? What is the difference between machine size and makeup size mask?



  1, first of all, the machine size mask is the level of medicine, each component of the country has to supervise, more safe, makeup size is cosmetic mask.


  2, by contrast, makeup font size is relatively loose. Only certain ingredients are required to be no less than a certain percentage, but not without heavy metals, hormones, fluorescein and other cannot be guaranteed. As long as the production workshop meets the hygiene supervision and management regulations. Can be used in beauty salons, supermarkets, shops and so on. But if want to enter the field of medical treatment and category, the size of the device is the basic guarantee that must have


  3、械字号必须严格按照国家医疗器械标准生产,不添加任何激素、 抗生素、重金属及其他易引起皮肤反应的化学制剂。生产车间必须有专门的净化车,最低十万级。还要通过医疗器械专用体系认证,并且有《医疗器械生产质量管理规范》《第三方生产环境检测报告》监督。

  3. The machine must be manufactured in strict accordance with the national standards for medical devices, without adding any hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals or other chemical agents that are easy to cause skin reactions. The production workshop must have a special purification car, the lowest 100,000 class. It also needs to pass the certification of medical device special system, and has the supervision of "medical device production quality management standard" and "third-party production environment test report".


  4, machine size quality control more strictly. Machine word face film is produced strictly according to national standard, raw material is screened strictly, composition is simple, do not have hormone kind of composition, specific aim is strong, do not send blain, vast majority suits sensitive muscle.


  5. Certification agencies are more authoritative. The medical face film attestation of machine character size must pass authoritative detect an orgnaization to detect, examine and approve ability that supervises a branch to issue very next by provincial level, and the general city class of makeup character size, perhaps place class can attestation is issued.

  所以,从多个方面看。械字号的面膜产品在质量和安全性上的监控等级要高于一般的妆字号的。由此可见,以后高端面膜的发展方向势必会往械字号面膜的水平进展。AG视讯 也会趁势而上的把握好这个机遇。生产更多优质的化妆品产品。

  So, in many ways. The monitor grade that the face film product of machine character size wants above average makeup character size on quality and safety level. It can be seen that the development direction of high-end facial mask is bound to be the horizontal progress of machine size facial mask. The United States will also take advantage of this opportunity. Produce more high-quality cosmetic products.