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AG视讯  卸完妆后,就要用洗面奶清洁脸部肌肤,把皮肤上的污垢全部彻底清洗干净。使用温和的洗面奶,挤出硬币大小在手心,揉搓至起泡,再用它涂抹整个面部,轻轻揉搓几分钟后,用用大量的温水清洁干净。如果你没有化妆,就可以直接用洗面奶清洁。



AG视讯  敏感肌肤的MM不用去角质,或者每个月去一次角质就可以了。












The correct steps in the summer skin care

Complete makeup remover

The first step of skin care is always to remove makeup. During the day, the skin is under great pressure. It must be relaxed at night. First to remove the eye and lip part clean, must use professional eye lip makeup liquid, even if you smear lip gloss, also need to remove makeup Oh! After the two places to clean up, then use make-up cotton to remove makeup oil on the whole face makeup.

Cleansing Milk cleanse

After you have finished your makeup, you must clean the face skin with cleansing milk and thoroughly clean the dirt on your skin. Use a mild cleansing milk, squeeze the size of the coin in the palm of the hand, rub it to bubble, then apply it to the whole face, gently rub it for a few minutes, and use a lot of warm water to clean it. If you don't have make-up, you can clean it directly with facial cleanser.


The work of exfoliating is not done every day, but it is better to remove the waste cuticle once a Monday, so that the pores are smooth and the face is more shiny. After using mild exfoliating agent, it must be cleaned and not retained on the skin.

AG视讯MM of sensitive skin does not need to exfoliate, or go to a horny once a month.

Emollient water

The next step is to replenish the water. Using make-up water can moisturize the skin and get through the absorption channel. Never wash your face and let your skin hang in the air.

AG视讯Choice of different makeup water for different skin quality

Oily skin: firming effect of the convergence of make-up water;

AG视讯The neutral skin uses the toner.

Dry skin is used to moisturizing skin with good moisturizing effect.

Deep water supplement mask

In the evening, making a deep moisturizing mask is the best way to replenish the skin and inject moisture into the dry skin. In the dry winter, you should choose a mask with deep moisturizing and moisturizing effect to give your skin a quick infusion of water and do it 2 to 3 times a week.

Eye cream

The location of the eye is very fragile, and it is also the most vulnerable part of the problem, dark circles and bags under the eyes. The fish tail reminds you that you should strengthen the maintenance work of the eye week! Eye cream is a lot of skin care products, while smearing eye cream, with the correct massage technique, can promote the absorption of eye cream, but also accelerate the blood circulation of the eye skin.