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AG视讯  春取桃花,夏取荷花,秋取芙蓉花,至冬取雪水(或用冰水)煎三花为汤,频洗面部。此中药祛斑方能活血、润肤、去皱。方中的“三花”均能活血散瘀,使经脉通畅,血荣肌肤而除皱。


AG视讯  黄柏脾9克,土瓜根9克,大枣21枚,一起研细为膏。每日早起化汤洗面,可祛皱。大枣能和阴阳、调营卫、调经液、补气血,为古代养生家服食的驻颜佳品。本中药祛斑方三药配伍,具有较好的营养滋润肌肤、延缓皮肤衰老、防治皮肤病的作用。本方不仅可以洗面,保持容颜不老,还可以用来洗澡,同样有减肥护肤效果。


AG视讯  羊胆、猪胰、细辛各等份。用竹签将猪胰的血丝、筋膜挑去,羊胆划破;倒入锅内加入适量水和入猪胰、细辛。煎三沸后,滤渣取液,储瓶备用。每晚涂搽面部,次日清晨用浆水洗面,这种中药祛斑方法有祛风清火,润肤除皱,治疗雀斑等功效。

AG视讯  很多人脸上的斑点都是由于自己平时护肤方法不正确所导致的,所以除了先天性的斑点之外,AG视讯平时一定要好好的保护好自己的皮肤,比如烈日下做好保护措施、不要过度清洁皮肤等,这样提前做好预防,可以让斑点来得晚一点,消除起来也更容易一些。


A small recipe for freckle removing

AG视讯"Encyclopedia Daquan": three flower wrinkle removing fluid

Spring takes peach blossom, summer lotus flower, autumn hibiscus flower, winter snow water (or ice water) fry three flowers for soup, frequency wash face. The traditional Chinese medicine freckle can promote blood circulation, moisturizing and wrinkling. The "three flowers" in the prescription can activate blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, so that the meridians are unobstructed, blood and skin are wrinkled.

"Lu Fu Ban": Sun Xian maiden ointment

Huang Baipi 9 grams, 9 grams of gourd root, 21 jujube, together with fine paste. A daily morning soup to wash the face, can remove wrinkles. Zizyphus jujube and Yin Yang, regulating Ying Wei, regulating menstrual fluid, tonifying qi and blood, for the ancient health home to eat Jiapin Jiapin. The Chinese medicine freckle prescription is compatible with three drugs, it has good nutrition nourishing skin, delaying skin aging, and preventing skin diseases. This can not only wash your face, keep your face fresh, but also can be used for bathing. It also has the effect of reducing weight and skin care.

"Outer secret medicine": freckle

Sheep gallbladder, pig pancreas, asarum and other equal parts. Pick up the blood and fascia of pig pancreas with bamboo sticks, cut the goats' gallbladder, pour into the pot and add proper amount of water into pig's pancreas and asarum. After three boiling, filtrate the slag and reserve the bottle. Wash your face every night and wash your face with water in the morning. The traditional Chinese medicine dispelling spot has the effect of dispelling wind, clearing fire, moisturizing and wrinkling, and treating freckles.

Many of the spots on the face are due to their own normal skin care methods are not correct, so in addition to the congenital spots, we must have a good protection of their skin, such as good protection measures under the sun, do not excessively clean the skin and so on, so that before lifting the prevention, can let the spots come late. At one point, it's easier to get rid of it.