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AG视讯One: before sleeping in the evening

AG视讯Reason: because the cell growth and repair activities are most vigorous at night, the absorption ability of the skin to nutrients will also be strengthened. In the evening, the mask, plus the correct steps of mask, will help the nutrients in the mask into the bottom of the skin with metabolism, so as to achieve the best skin care effect.

AG视讯Suggestion: usually after a bath at night, about 9 points can start to do mask, this time the skin open pores, can be more fully absorbed mask nutrition, can also wash face, the face steam then apply, the effect is very good oh.

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Two: the first week after the period of menstruation

AG视讯Reason: because the first week after the menstrual period is the follicular period, the level of estrogen and lutein in the blood gradually rebounded, the skin is full of blood, the metabolism is strong, the skin absorption of this period is the best, the use of mask, essence and other high concentration of skin care products, harvest more nutrition, so that the skin is better.

Suggestions: in addition to the basic skin care in this period, you can also boldly increase the number of exfoliation, because the follicle period skin is the strongest, every 2-3 days, use mask or exfoliation cream to do a deep cleansing, quickly let the skin brighten up, absorption capacity to improve one step.